School Carnivals Timing Operator

We have an increasing number of school carnival inquiries and are looking for available operators with timing gates who are keen to put on a good day out for schools. We pay a fixed rate and depending on the travel time that can also be added on too. If this is something you are interested in please fill in the form below.

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Some carnivals will be at locations away from your home centre. If you are willing to travel, how far would that be?
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Meet Manager Integration *
RaceHQ timing Software can integrate with Meet Manager to save keying in race times etc. after each race. We call this Meet Manager integration
What Equipment are you able to use *
What days are you typically available? *
Can you give us a quick background on your level of experience using RaceHQ and timing hardware? e.g. I have three seasons of running the front straight, including setting up and pack down of equipment