Thanks for your interest in our School Carnival packages.

All you need to send us to get your carnival set up is:

1. Your Members (first name, last name, age/age group/year, gender, house/colour, Date of Birth)

2. Your program age gender events and times of events

3. Your points many points for 1st etc


Fill in the details below. 

Note - cancellations within 24 hours of the set carnival date/time will be liable for full operator/hardware cost.

Organisation Details
Address *
Event Person
Name *
Phone *
Event Details
Event Type *
Level of Service Required
Nominations/Points/Champions calculations (min 400 Athletes) *
Additional Operator *
Additional Gates *
Double sided race clock *
Integration *
RFID Tag per athlete *
Inflatable Arch *

Check List:

Use the following to ensure that all the required information is provided for your Event, the earlier this is available the smoother the setup for your event will be.


*Athlete Listing (Excel - First, Last, Age Group, DOB, Gender, House, Unique Code): 

Program of Events (Event #, Event, Age Group, Gender, Time): 

*Event Records (Excel – Event, Date, Result, First, Last, Age Group, Gender): 

*Points System (Divisions/Team/Novelty): 

Integration – Confirm System support (FinishLynx/Omega/Swiss/Other): 

Confirm Venue if different than Organisation Address: 

Confirm Number of Lanes required (Athletics/Swim): 


What you need to Provide on the day:

 Marque at Finishline/Area: 

Table and Chair: 

240v Power: 

Starter - Confirm if cap gun will be used, or if TS to provide Horn: 

Download a brochure here