Wireless Timing Gate System

The  have 5 main parts. The gates, bases, a timing hub, a start device and a trolley


    Timing Gate- $890

    • 4 x AA battery (90 hours of run time)
    • 4 IR beams (minimum of 2 adjacent beams to trigger)
    • Pulse rate 5ms
    • GPS time sync to 10 nanosecond accuarcy
    • .6m tall 4.5 cm diameter
    • 2 kg

    Gate Base - $180

    • 8 kgs
    • Allow the timing gate to stand up in 70 km/h wind
    • 25cm diamter

    Timing Hub - $550

    • Networks the gates and start device to your timing software
    • GPS time sync to 10 nanoseconds
    • USB tethered to Windows laptop/tablet

    Start Device - $750

    • Cap STart - internal microphone to pick up cap starts
    • Digital Start Connect via cable or wireless speaker
    • 2 x AA battery
    • GPS time sync to 10 nanosecond accuracy

    Speaker - $660

    • 112 dB beep or bang at 1 m
    • 1.2 kgs per unit including batteries
    • Speakers are wifi enabled via the LED Flasher unit**. They can be cable tethered to each other in a daisy chain and to the start device using the included 3.5mm audio cable
    • Multiple bangs/beeps can be fired to sound a false start from the one start device
    • Use 4 x AA batteries that will give them around 80 hrs of use
    • One speaker would be sufficient for a 100m start line, 2-3 would be required for a 400m start

    **LED Flasher Unit - $192.50

    • One per start device, talks to multiple speakers
    • 10 Super Bright Green LEDs visible for 150m in day light
    • Powered via tethered start device

    Trolley - $1,200

    • Storage and transportation of the 
    • Never run flat wheels
    • enough capacity for a 12 lane system

    Integrated RFID reader - $2100

    • 200m line of sight wirelessly connectivity range to the finish line laptop via the Timing Hub unit
    • Battery powered 5 hours run time, full recharge in 6 hours
    • Comes with a powerpack to allow it to run and charge at the same time
    • 100 tags per second read rate, 5 tags per second transfer rate to finish line

    Race Clock - $3700

    • 96cm long x 30cm tall x 20 cm deep
    • 9.8kgs
    • 8 hrs of stand alone rechargeable lithium polymer battery power (20 hours recharge time)
    • Mains power recharge and operate at same time
    • 10mm nut for tripod attachment 
    • 4 x fold out stabilisers for sitting on a flat surface
    • 2 x handles for carrying or hanging from structure
    • Fold out verandas that cover the LED display while in storage but shade the display during operation