Relay Carnival on 15th December

Please fill in the following information if you wish to attend the 2018 Coles Little Athletics ACT Relay Carnival on Saturday 15th December. Please complete one entry per child.

Nominations will close at 11:59pm Wednesday 5th December. If you miss nominating don’t worry you can still turn up on the day for this carnival only.

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Athlete Name
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Photo permission: I understand that my child/ren may be photographed and/or filmed at Centre, ACTLAA or Coles Little Athletics Australia sanctioned events by official photographers. Such photographs and/or videos and the use of their name, and/or a quote may be used for training purposes; on official Coles Little Athletics Australia, ACTLAA, sponsors, and centres social media outlets and in communications and publications, on Coles Little Athletics Australia, ACTLAA and/or centre approved photographer websites and being disclosed to Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd for general marketing and promotional activities, including publication online. If I do not wish for photographs and/or videos of my child/ren to be published I will notify Little Athletics ACT via email ( immediately after completing the registration process. Please note that while your child’s photograph/video may be taken at an Association event by official photographers, where the child can be easily identified, these will be removed before they are published.