Relay Carnival on 16th December

Please fill in the following information if you wish to attend the Little Athletics ACT Relay Carnival on Saturday 16th December. Please complete one entry per child. 

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Athlete Name
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Photo permission: If I do not wish for my child to be photographed and/or filmed I will notify Little Athletics ACT via email ( immediately after completing the registration process. I understand that my child may be photographed and/or filmed at Centre and ACTLAA sanctioned events. Such photographs and video may be used for training purposes; official promotion of Little Athletics; in official ACTLAA, LAA, sponsor or Centre communications; and on ACTLAA approved photographer websites. Please note that photographers at the Relay Carnival are provided with a list of athletes who have said no to photography. After the day they review all the photographs taken and delete any photographs that they can see include an athlete who has said no to photography.